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Default Re: Richard's Daughter, Juliet: Review of A Devil's Chaplain

hope Santa craps in your stockings
Nice. I used to love the spirit of Christmas. The "believers" like you are threatening to kill it for me with their very un-Christ-like partisan rhetoric. I'm trying not to lose faith. You present a serious challenge for me sometimes, my friend. I wish you nothing but joy. I hope that chip falls from your shoulder some day while we are both breathing and able to appreciate the event.
Oh Todd, lighten up. As I’ve noted before, from our various discussions it seems to me that you’re really more agnostic than hardcore atheist, so I don’t really have much problem with your secularism—it’s probably close to my own. If all “secularists” tended to be as tolerant and/or agnostic as you generally seem to be, I don’t know that the religious fundamentalists would be such motivated pains in the ass.

Actually I think you’re too tolerant of Mike’s annoying fundamentalism, or maybe you’re just baiting him.

So anyway Todd, since you don’t really seem to be a zealous atheist intent on spreading an atheistic gospel (I think atheism, even more than one’s faith in God, is best kept to one’s self), I suppose I never really wanted Santa to crap in your stocking. And I hope that over the holidays you’ll have an opportunity to ponder the tiny odds that the universe and we are here by chance.
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