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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

Originally Posted by Carey N
It's either 0.999, or 0.001
It's the latter. I don't expect Fred to be consistent; his inconsistency is why he is wrong. So, I appreciate where his randomness agrees with my philosophy and roll my eyes in understanding when it doesn't.

His rudeness (implying that I have no control over my body, among many other things) indicates to me that he already knows he's wrong.

Oh, one of the reasons you and I probably confuse each other is that you have incorporated terms into your vocabulary to the point where you assume nuances that I don't get from literal translations. For instance "Stochasticity" seems to be just an antonym for 'determinism' and you used it in your description of determinism: "cannot be deterministically modelled (due to the influence of stochasticity . . . but it can be simulated - very different)". But this is a great conversation!
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