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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

Originally Posted by Carey N
emergent properties are just a consequence of multiple individuals interacting in mathematicaly intractible ways
Thanks for your patience. I also appreciate that you're not supporting free will.

But, "intractable" just means difficult to manage. If the papers say the math would be difficult, I'm not arguing that. Nor am I arguing that we'll ever be able to determine what will happen next. I am arguing, though, that what will happen next must happen next, based on current conditions; there's nothing more that could have any effect. So, we COULD know the future of the universe if we had a computer that we'll never have. If the papers argue that the math is impossible without giving evidence, then I would say the emporer has no clothes and bide my time...

I even go so far as saying that the Uncertainty Principle is just ignorance on our parts. That's where other dimensions might come into effect.

If the papers argue against my point with some vestige of common sense, then please send me the links through the personal message interface in this forum.

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