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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

Originally Posted by Carey N
This is a poor analogy . . . the solar system is vastly simpler than a human brain, and it is absolutely the case that consciousness is an emergent property. I agree with Wiki that the word emergent is often misused, but here it is appropriate: a collective has properties which would not have been anticipated (and cannot be deterministically modelled) by a looking at the individual behavior of its components alone. Just because consciousness is emergent doesn't mean that will is free, however.
It's a perfect analogy for my POV. If by "cannot be deterministically modeled" you mean that it could not EVER, then I'd have to disagree and I doubt you can prove me wrong; someday I think I'll prove you wrong. The whole is merely the sum of its parts.

If you mean could not now, then I'd agree we can't today and my analogy is perfectly valid.
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