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Default Re: emdr:nothing's happening


Hi there.

I am confused. Was your reply directed towards me? I thought I was being helpful.

I guess I may have missed the mark on the requested info, I do realize that I did not provide specifics on how I felt during those EMDR sessions...okay, well here it goes...

1) Session 1: Felt really good...a huge weight had been lifted for me. I remember being in a store with friends and joking out loudly.

2) Session 2: Felt absolutely exhausted.

3) Session 3: Felt tired and bewildered.

4) Session 4: Felt relieved.

5) Session 5: Felt relieved.

During most of the sessions, I cried, ranted, raged, etc. It was an emotional roller coaster.

Sandra, again, I am confused...I thought I was being helpful, but after reading your reply three times, I can't help feel that you are being critical of me? Why? Are you a practitioner/therapist? If so, I would think that your reply would be less judgmental.
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