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Default Re: is narrative therapy an arts' therapy

Interesting thread!

I wasn't aware of Narrative therapy as such, though I've read or heard about it being implemented (in a variety of settings), without being called so necessarily. (I've read about some in books on art therapies or such too..)

Would one need to study art therapy to use it? Probably not, depends what sort of courses are offered...

I've personally experienced therapeutic value of writing (and other media of expression) too... I wonder to what extent this can be combined with CBT and other approaches.. Probably depending on the person/s and the situation/s...

How do we define professions? Interesting question. I see 'professions' as labels and (sometimes too narrow - or too big) drawers, while people and techniques can be multi-faceted and thrive in a variety of settings and experiences... In some professions and/or volunteering positions, you can do A LOT of things (with a wider label) and in some you are more limited...
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