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Talking Re: is narrative therapy an arts' therapy

Narrative therapy is an arts' therapy in my book. Most art school now have MFA in Writing programs, since prose or verse is considered an art medium, and the writing process is now understood to be as creative and complex as any other artistic process.
In France, it is worth noting that the national art therapy school includes in its list of theses several titles on writing therapy. The US is the only country where the field of art therapy, and art therapy education, goes out of its way to exclude close cousins like dance therapy, and writing therapy. Interestingly enough, book publishing in the US also has the distinction of clearly announcing on a book wether it is fiction or nonfiction (notwithstanding the recent scandals with lying authors and plagiarism) as if the book was more important as a product to be categorized than simply as a work of art, a well-told story.
The American insistence on categorization is an unfortunate obstacle for the ability of art therapists and clients to drift accross artistic media and disciplines as required by the demands of the healing process. I realized several years ago that in art therapy, we don't choose our medium, our medium chooses us.
Fortunately, art schools like the School of the Art Institute of Chicago are increasingly cross-disciplinary rather than disciplin-based. The future of art therapy education, it seems to me, is to follow this trend by opening its borders. Si se puede! Si se puede! Si se puede!
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