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Default Re: Free Gestalt Therapy Ejournal

Thank you, Brian, for the notice about Gestalt!.

Just to provide an indication of what people can find in the eJournal, there is an interesting interview with Leslie Greenberg, a training lecture by Lynne Jacobs, discussions of field theory taken from the exchanges at Gstalt-L, a piece on self psychology, another on self-conscious emotions, one on a theory of knowing, an overview of Gestalt Therapy theory, a special issue on Gestalt in Australia, about Gestalt in South America, coverage of previous conferences by the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT) and the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), and articles on PTSD following the attack on the Twin Towers in September of 2001.

Upcoming, because they are either in production now or in the pipeline, will be an article from Gary Yontef that previously appeared in the International Gestalt Journal, and an active dialogue between two seminal Schema therapists (Scott Kellogg and Jeff Young) and various Gestalt responders (Leslie Greenberg, Iris Fodor, Dan Bloom, and Stephan Tobin). Brian O'Neill, the moderator of this forum, is beginning a project as a contributing editor that will focus on dual-diagnosis work (substance abuse and psychological disorder). Victor Daniels has an ongoing column called "The Working Corner" in which he offers insights into method, and there is a new one in each issue. Mae Tang offers creative writing reflective of a Gestalt perspective. There are ongoing announcements and reports about conferences (I will contribute one about the recent Roots II conference in Antwerp and we will provide information about the upcoming conferences of the AAGT, EAGT, and GANZ), hard copy publishing (we will have an interview with the editors of the new Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand as well as a piece from the editors of the new textbook for Gestalt therapy - Gestalt Therapy, History, Theory, and Practice - Sarah Toman and Ansel Woldt), and training opportunities.

If people are interested in finding out for themselves about Gestalt!, they can find it at

Philip Brownell, M.Div., Psy.D.
Sr. Editor, Gestalt!
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