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Default Re: What is good teaching?

Thanks for your detailled comments. Indeed the workshop was not only directed at teachers but medical professionals including psychotherapists. Judging from the feedback we obtained, teachers and therapists are not particularly "easy" clients.

I am reminded of a citation again. One by Thomas Szasz and written in his book "Psychoanalytic Training" (1958)
... We conclude that - the psychology of human relationships being what it is - in adult education there is an inverse relationship between "power" and "learning". Only the "weak" can teach. If the teacher comes into too much power, he ceases to be a "teacher" and becomes instead a religious or political (or other "group") "leader."

I think Steve's reference to power - not only in teaching, but in therapeutic relationships - is one frequently overlooked in our search for solutions.
It is probably one of the explanations that explain why when therapy is completed and therapist and client compare "notes", the sessions and interventions that made a difference can be quite different! At least, my clients make reference to events that happened in therapy that I had overlooked because of their "apparent triviality".
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