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Default Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?

Mr. Lankton,

I noticed that one of the institutes has a training coming up where they claim that a person can use hypnosis to see the future and know private information about other people. This reminds me of an interview I read with Gilligan where he was talking about deep trance identification. In this article, he stated that he went into trance and modeled Erickson and when Gregory Bateson walked in the room, he was able to tell him some private information that only Bateson and Erickson would know.

My question to you is do you believe that these phenomena are possible with hypnosis. I thought the community decided a long time ago that objective reality is not possible with hypnosis but rather co-created (i.e. regressing people back into the womb to see objectively what happened). Which future would we be looking at? Can I use this skill for gambling?

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