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Default Re: how much concern should a client show for a therapist?

I can see the logical in your answer. And I don't think I'll mention it to her. At least...I'll do as best as I can.

Part of what I'm doing "there in therapy" is attempting to learn how to relate to people and communicate with people in the "real" world (since I have had very few "good" examples of how to do that "successfully" or "confidently"), not just with "strangers", but people who I want to be "more than strangers", including my family and potential friends, people who are closer.

It seems -- that while the therapist setting is a "testing ground" for how to act in the real world, a place to work through things that are holding one back from having "good skills", and you want to have a "good relationship" and feel a "closeness" and "trust" with your therapist to effectively do the "work" -- it still isn't a "real" relationship, in that you cannot completely "play out" and test everything.

question 1: sincerely, I wonder, am I wrong with that assessment?
question 2: in a more generalize way, is it wrong to feel concern for your therapist?
question 3: how much concern should/can a client show for their therapist?

Thank you.
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