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Default Re: Art and Play Therapy

Originally Posted by Ranada
I am looking for discussion on this field of therapy. I have an art education background and am currently getting my degree in school counseling. I have learned much but do not want to stop now that school break is here. Please let me know if you have any interest in this field and would like to begin an active discussion on all aspects of this wonderful form of therapy. Thank you
Ranada, art is utilized at part of play therapy, but they are not the same thing. Art therapy and play therapy are two different forms of treatment. Play therapy isbased on the idea that play is a child's natural language and toys are their words. It takes special training to be a play therapist. Sorry, if I'm coming across as preachy. I don't mean to. I am about to complete the final step to become a registered play therapist. It takes extra work to become a play therapist on top of the graduate training needed to become licensed.

OK, end of lecture.

I would more than happy to participate in a discussion of play therapy.
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