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Default Regarding Induction


I wanted to ask a question about an induction that I saw you do at last
year's Erickson conference. You were working with a woman and started
talking about the formation of a person in the womb. I believe that you
talked about the charka coming out of the top of the head that ultimately
developed the personality of the fetus etc. Basically, my question is what
affect would that statement have had on my own beliefs about the development of a person if I was in trance as the client was at that workshop? As a practicing Jew, I believe that God creates us and our personalities, at least until circumstances and events change us once we are here. I would want to keep that belief and would not want someone's suggestion to alter it. I can not help but wonder if your suggestion, as a experienced hypnotist, could have changed my mind if I were your client during that workshop. In other words, would I have started to believe in the version of personality development that you talked about in your induction? I have only began to read about Ericksonian hypnosis and I do understand the philosophy of I guess I might simply ignore the comment you made or changed it to be useful for myself? If you really wanted to, could you alter someone's beliefs against their will? After reviewing some of the literature, I have noticed that most of it focuses on getting people to commit illegal acts. I can understand why hypnosis can not make a person do illegal acts. However, I can see that hypnosis might change a person's beliefs. After all, isn't this why a client might do hypnosis (at least part of it)?

I hope you do not think I am being rude. I really enjoyed your workshop and
watched in awe, frankly, at your ability to work with this client. I also
understand that some view me as a fundamentalist and that is not popular
these days. However, I always try to point out that just like someone else might not want the beliefs that make them who they are from an intrinsic perspective to be altered, neither do I.

Thanks in advance for any comments you might be willing to provide.

Rachel :-)
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