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Default Re: Ethics of reality tv show

Hey Dr. Reid,

Now did the crossword puzzle spell a-twitter like I did? Or did they spell it atwitter without the - ?

But back to "brat camp". One of the reasons I was so upset when I first saw the show is because I have long been a big believer in wilderness type camps for troubled kids. My own deep connection to nature, and long history of seeking wilderness places when I need to reconnect with myself has pre-disposed me to want those programs to be good and effective. Then when I saw these "counselors" act in ways that I found reprehensible I really wanted to reach through the tv and throttle one or two of them. (not to be mistaken for an actual threat, just an emotional reaction at the moment, quite a few moments ago).

As I was looking up a few things again yesterday when I saw your posts, I saw that quite a few child advocacy groups have gotten involved and are speaking out against this show as well, so thats the good news. Hopefully this camp is not representative of the industry in general, although from what I saw about some of the Utah and Oregon camps I think it would be wise for parents to research these type camps in a lot of detail before deciding on one. Apparently there are some of the States hosting these camps that have very little governing set in place regarding how these camps can operate.

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