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Default Re: EX/RP for impulse control

Originally Posted by joel p
My current thoughts are to seek out a religious authority acceptable to J who would sanction frequent masturbation, thus possibly reducing the sexual buildup to a more manageable level hopefully reducing the need to get to this vicious cycle. The obsessive tendencies may kick in doubting the validity of such an authority etc.

If J belongs to a religion which condemns masturbation, and you present a religious authority that condones it, I don't think you could then characterize his doubt concerning this person's validity as an "obsessive tendency". (To put it another way, if I were to refer you for consultation to an "expert" in cognitive therapy, and when you met her she immediately rejected some very basic aspect of cognitive therapy and started talking in Gestalt terms, would it be an "obsessive tendency" for you to doubt the validity of her authority as an expert in CT?)

I only mention it because it seems like this move could lead to a deterioration in the therapuetic alliance due to trust issues. Even if it worked, it could backfire in a big way: Giving a person with obsessive-compulsive tendencies the moral green light to masturbate could be the creation of a new and even more destructive pattern of behavior.
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