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Default Multimodal Therapy case study available on-line

A new on-line journal, "Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy" is a free, online, peer-reviewed, multi-theoretical journal that "focuses on systematically and thickly described case studies". The first edition features a case study by Arnold Lazarus.

The journal and Lazarus' case study can be found at

The Case of "Ben": A Flexible, Holistic Application of Multimodal Therapy

Arnold A Lazarus, Independent practice, The Lazarus Institute, Rutgers University

"Ben," a white, male executive who was 50 years old at the beginning of therapy, presented with anxiety, depressive mood, anger, and relationship and career problems. The case, involving therapy in a private practice setting, illustrates some of the diverse individual client needs, life complexities, and accompanying twists and turns that can emerge in treatment. While grounded in a cognitive-behavioral framework, the "Multimodal Therapy" model employed in Ben's case is designed to be responsive to such challenges by drawing procedures from other traditions, when necessary, within the framework of a "technical eclecticism." In addition, the case illustrates attempts within the multimodal model to balance science versus artistry, and planned structure vs. creativity and flexibility.

Lazarus, A. A. (2005). The Case of "Ben": A Flexible, Holistic Application of Multimodal Therapy. Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy [Online], Vol. 1(1), Article 1. Available:

Note: This forum would be a very appropriate place for questions and discussion about the case study.
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