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Default Re: How ethical is my therapist?

I am unsure what exactly you are looking for from us.

However, if I may summarize the obvious you have some choices.

You can choose to talk to her about it, and see where that takes you, and how she answers.

You can choose ot not talk to her about it. In that case you will have to decide if you want to continue to see her or not. If you decide to continue to see her, but not talk to her about it then - well - I guess you can try to accept the situation as it is. Although, I suspect eventually your emotions will find expression towards her though.

You can of course also choose to just pack your bags and find another therapist. But if thats your choice wouldnt it be worth it to try and let her know why you are considering that option?

Just a thought.

Da Friendly Puter Tech
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