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Default Re: How ethical is my therapist?

I'll try to reply to everybody in this e-mail. I did not look it up in Social work code of ethics but my thoughts would be that it's unethical - to cancel a session 20 minutes before or when your patient is already there. It shows that she does not care about me, my time or my relationship with her. What am I supposed to think about her professionalism if she does things like that. She is not a social worker, however. She is a psychiatrist. I guess they have kind of similar code of ethics, though. Do I find my relationship with my T helpful? Yes, I do, when she sees me. I am always scared to go see her because I never know till the last second, will she cancel this time or will she see me?
I am not comfortable with talking to her about this issue at all. She might be able to talk to me about it but I am hesitant to bring this topic up. I think she'll come up with another excuse if I ask.
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