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Question How ethical is my therapist?

I am a SW student who sees a therapist. I was wondering how ethical some things that she is doing. Lately she has been canceling my appointments with her. Sometimes it was the night before the session when her office called me to cancel, sometimes it was 20 minutes before the session when I got a phone call stating that my session was cancelled. About 3 times I went to her house (that's where she sees her therapy clients) just to be told by her personal assistant on the steps of the house that my session was cancelled. It's humiliating, first that she cancells my appointments a lot, second that she does it right before the session and third, to come all the way to her house just to be turned away. The reason is always the same - she is sick, she is not feeling well. When I pass by her house about an hour later - her car is gone, so she is well enough to go out but not well enough to see me. I never talked to her about this. I am going to be a therapist one day, so can you tell me is that ok to do things like that to your clients?
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