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Default Re: Do GP's Overprescribe?

Yes they do over medicate and it is not just GP's please. The people most guilty of drug over use are psychiatrists (not all) who use SSRI's, SRNRI's and benzodiazapines like candy. Let me also tell you that the medical profession and the drug industry will also not inform the patient that many SSRI's appear to be "addicting" (a lot of side effects when withdrawn) and that they work by decreasing all affect (good and bad feelings) putting the patient in a chemicaly induced oblivion. These drugs should be used with great care and for much shorter time periods and not just to relieve a period of necessary human distress that follows naturally from various life situations. I do not know if a true "cost effectiveness study" even could be done that would take into account the cost of the medications, reduced productivity, increased accident rates (as in motor vehicle accidents), and continuance of the symptom manifestation because the root problem is not addressed ... it is just held over until the next occasion when the inferiority feeling vibrates (from an Adlerian perspective). There is a much more carefully limited use for some of these drugs but have you ever seen a rage reaction in an angry depressed person on an SSRI such as is being reported at this time with reference to Prozac?
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