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Default Re: Not sure if I should file a formal complaint about my therapist

I appreciate your posting, but I need to say that this forum isn't designed for questions about one's therapy, nor to give advice regarding personal matters. It's really a place for discussions among clinicians about ethical or legal questions.

No one who reads these posts can, or should, offer personal advice to you from the standpoint of being a professional (and I would ask that clinicians refrain from doing so), since we don't know anything about your situation (except what you choose to write); we have no information about the other side(s) of the issue; we have no way of verifying your situation; no one who responds has any way of properly evaluating you or following up, etc. (all of which can be important parts of offering professional advice to patients/clieints). Similarly, you have no assurance about the qualifications or intentions of anyone who answers your post; it could be anyone, and there are some real weirdos out there on the Web.

The process of filing a complaint is fair game, however (but not the question of whether or not you should do so), as is an interchange among therapist/readers about legal or ethical issues related to difficult clinical situations or termination of patients/clilents.

Thanks for understanding. I'll leave your post up for awhile, to see what other people may have to say about general legal or ethical issues that might be faced by a therapist in situations such as this.

William Reid, Moderator
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