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Default Re: Race Differences and Intelligence

MM: I'm not questioning the science showing IQ differences by race….
That’s huge Margaret (I don’t think that was Gould’s POV), b/c once the reality of general intelligence differences is acknowledged, then the rest of the argument just boils down to what we can (or should?) infer from that reality, the just so stories that that fact may imply.

E.g., can we infer that those capable of designing and building igloos really are smarter than others, or should we infer instead that the igloo builders lacked the sense to move to a warmer climate, say Greece, and discover, say, the Pythagorean theorem and Democracy?

A puzzle for me is that while there may be an inverse relationship between religiosity and general intelligence, you white atheists nevertheless generally don’t seem to put that intelligence you’ve been blessed with to much positive use.
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