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Unhappy dissociative states, how to get back out

Congrats on the release of your new book Sandra. It looks as though it might fill in a lot of gaps between therapists and clients.

I am writing about a question/problem I am having. I am not doing EMDR at this time and don't know when or if I can use it again. I am highly dissociative. This is a bit off topic perhaps but there have to be other people who have encountered the same problem.

I frequently switch ego states in therapy. I am respectful of my therapists time but my younger ego states don't know anything about time constaints and they just appear whenever. I am afraid that I can't control them within the magic "time" limit so I push them down or I fake it out as well as I can and leave the office. I try to get it together before I drive but sometimes I am a bit spaced. My younger ego states are feeling that they aren't being heard and they think the therapist doesn't like them and just wants them go away. He tried to push one down awhile ago when there wasn't enough time and now she has built a wall against him. It also seems to me that he is maybe "afraid" of them and how to handle them? LIke I might not be able to get back into my adult and he won't know what to do. I am not sure but I sense that this is part of the problem.

I know Sandra, I have to talk to him but it is getting harder and harder. I am frustrated and my ego states are feeling worse and worse about themselves, (as if that were even possible). There have been times when i couldn't get to an appointment because I was in a panic.

I realize that you only speak in general terms but you have probably come across something like this.

thanks for your time
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