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Default Thanks both of you so much.

Wow! Thanks both of you so much. I appreciate your answers. As I'm from Asia and not familair with speaking the last name, so hope you don't mind if I may call you Jeff.
I do know Dr.Erickson's greatness. He's great until I know him across the ocean (s). It's sad to say that, as far as I know, he's still less known in my country. It's hardly find his writings in any grand bookstores and I know for sure that I owned his writings more than any universities's libraries. (there's only one or two books by Rossi, Rosen's My voice will goes with you and yours, Jeff, but just only Milton H. Erickson and old Proceeding.)
My post didn't mean to challenge. It's jsut my admiration to him. Someone from Erickson Foundation wrote something about this stuff before (sorry, cannot remember his name). He said something like one has to "sit in" to learn Erickson's teaching. I'd rather agree.
Back to my question again, I read that Erickson once said that even Heley "tailor" his words. (let me borrow your word, Jeff.) That's why I'm curious that maybe he had no idea to write a book. (and I do agree with what you' ve just said, he didn't mind about money).
All in all, thanks again for your warm welcome. I will stick aroud here for a while. Hope you don't mind.

P.S. Jeff, do you really stop smoking your pipe? I could not even after I read your writing about him.
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