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Question I mean, is that his intention?

Thanks so much for your response.

I don't know much about the first book you mentioned but as for the second one it's less than 40 pages out of 206 pages that is Dr. Erickson's, and I thought he said somewhere that Time Distortion was first developed by Cooper, right? That's why I always think that it's rather Cooper's book.
What if Dr. Bernard Gordon (and later Haley) had no idea to compile Advanced Techniques...?
What if Haley didn't write Uncommon Therapy (and before that, Strategies of Psychotherapy)?
And Rossi? And etc.?
What I really want to know is that it's just because he had no time/his quite ill or it's his intention?
If the latter is the case, then, what is the reason of his intention?
Did he consider that the book could not convey what he want to say?

Thanks for your answer (again)
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