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Dear Oliver I use metaphors very often because I feel that it gives people a chance to see another instance that proves the principle of the idea you are trying to get across ie. when people are told not to smoke because putting a poisonous substance in your body is harmful you could say " you don't expect a car to run properly if you put sugar in the petrol tank" get the idea? it must have a similar principal to liken it to.If people wont take your suggestion, find a similar type of subject that they just wont argue with, after all would you put sugar in your petrol tank? car metaphors are great because most people drive or can see the link.phrases like "we will put the brakes on your bad habit" hope this gives you an insight into a very powerful pursuading technique, although you may feel like you are in a maze when it comes to metaphores but you will soon find the exit. Start to listen to people naturally using them, your ears will be like radar ready to pick up on people using them. good luck Simon Benefer
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