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Default Re: checklist for kids

Have you also thought about visual representations or charts? Like making a line, maybe labelling it 0-10 or -10 to +10 (or whatever you agree upon with the kid) and they mark dots or crosses or draw things on the scale?

You could have a generalized one for overall anxiety, and/or specific ones (different colors, perhaps with illustrations of 'happy' faces or a 'strong and brave' character on one end?)... I've read about similar things in books on creative arts approaches..

Are you going to be filling out the checklist or would the parents or the kid, or either of you together with the kid? (The scaswebsite list might take quite a bit of time. If I were a kid, I'd get a bit, uhm, overwhelmed with that checklist on my own. Especially as it's kinda full of possible triggers. It's also very long, with kids it's better to go for short. Maybe just narrow it down to the relevant ones and ask 'anything else'?)
Does the kid also have ADD or is gifted? These might be factors to consider too..

I have to say I'm not a professional, just a teacher who has had experience with kids of various ages, and someone who has battled with anxiety at times too... (And that list makes me scared, ha ha.. I guess too many negative statements are repeated, it might be better to avoid those as much as possible and use more general words or pictures, at least to start with-? And they are all mixed up, I'd prefer 'categories' of sort..) If the kid has had anxiety, it might be good to make the therapeutic experience a positive and 'happy' experience where you 'battle' with fears and not get additional triggers? (food for thought...) And for them to give you 'successes' and 'obstacles overcome' or such too.. no? (You probably have that planned anyway, just thought I'd mention it.. There are too few in the list mentioned, and all scattered too...)
Just some thoughts...

In case it wasn't completely clear from above: I think the scas checklist is probably great, it could be better written/presented for the kids...

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