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Default Re: CBT with Borderline Personality Disorder

It is clear that this changing perspective happens all of the time because all of the most through research shows that all types of therapy are equal in terms of client outcomes (Read Bruce Wampold's "The Great Psychotherapy Debate" and Scott Miller's "The Heroic Client"). The cycle typically happens as follows: a new therapy comes out and some initial research is done (or not) and the proponents state that it is better than anything else. Then more research comes out proving that it is about the same as all of the other interventions/theories. Then people move on to the latest wonderful theory. If you think about it, this cycle has occurred with family therapy, Gestalt, Psychodynamic etc, and it will happen with cognitive/behavioral. The real factors that affect treatment are alliances with your client (40%) and working within the clients model of change (around 30%). Interventions, based on theory, are only worth about 15% of the client change on average.

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