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Default Re: What Inhibits People From Participating Here

Originally Posted by beginswith_e
Then comes timing...
I mean you will come back to check if there is a response and if there was none, you would check some more until eventually you may check just periodically...conditioning and eventually extinction maybe? The board would hold little interest.
This certainly holds true for me. I really tried to contribute a lot when these forums first relaunched. After awhile, though, you get tired of waiting months for someone to respond to your post and you just quit looking. It's kind of a vicious cycle - less people beget less people. Also, while I agree that the moderator should play a key role, some of my posts on this forum end up being two-way conversations between myself and the mod. Seems more like a posted e-mail than a conversational thread.

PS - I've never felt belittled here -- which is really saying something considering some of the assinine posts I've created. (Going back and reading some of the stuff I wrote last year really makes me groan.)
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