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Default Smoking Cessation Counseling

For many years I have been dreaming of working as a telephone smoking cessation counselor. I myself was able to quit this way, and found this method to be powerful and effective beyond far beyond any expectations. On the other hand, the only credential I have is a BA in Psychology, my ability to speak to anyone about the subject of addictions and smoking, a great interest in alternative health, and a compulsion to surf the web for hours and days on things that interest me. I envision this as a donations-only service, and I could work alone at first, and hire other counselors as I became busier. I could speak to individual clients about research results particularly relevant to them. I could be the one caring person they may need to stand between their urgency and that next cigarette.
I'm reaching out to anyone in the Counseling community who could give me any guidance as to (1) how to find out if I'm sufficiently credentialed for this work, (2) how to find work with Smokenders or similar organizations in case it turns out this is necessary, (3) what kind of insurance (if any) I might need, and (4) how best to find clients without spending a fortune (I am virtually broke with a poverty income).
Thanks for any input............... Thanks in advance. JR LaVine
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