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Hi, I'm Antonio, I'm an italian Gestalt student. I'm very glad to speak in this forum. I'm coming form Sardinia when I'm learning the Psycosocial Gestalt Therapy method. Here, we have to spendt 4 years in a hard training to become a Psycotherapist. I would be very happy if I can speak with someone GT about the method and technique. I'm a Psycologist and I'm a co-operator in some mental-health center here in Sardinia where I can put in practice gestalt method with some kind of patience.
So, I have a question: How is seen by patience of your countries the work in gestalt therapy? I think that is not a stupid question. Here, I live in a island (I donna if you Know where is sardinia....), there are a lot of negative stereotips about psycology and psycoterapist. Here if somone has got a psychic problem is probable that this patience goes to a psychiatrist for a farmacological therapy and not for a psycological therapy. What do you think about this situation? It's common in USA or in other places.
Thanks, and excuse me about my english language. I know only a bit of it.
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