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Default Re: Is Psychological Conservatism or Liberalism Inherited?

My own experience is that nature dishes out our problems somewhat randomly - in that nature does not favor problems that are best solved using either a psychologically liberal or conservative view of the world.

Some problems yield best to one or the other of those - most yield best to some judicious combination. Choosing which requires intelligence and an open mind. And it requires that both conservative and liberal problem solution strategies are seen as tools in the toolbox - not as identity beliefs in someone's mind.

If one approaches all problems in life using either a strictly conservative or liberal viewpoint - at least half of those potential solutions wouldn't work very well and would make things worse.

OTOH they may make the people involved think they were being true to their worldview or their religion or their political party or some such nonsense. And that itself can create positive emotions of fulfillment from fellow true-believers - even when the solution itself turns out to be a total disaster.

There are psychologically conservative neo-cons in Washington today convinced that they have created a great opportunity for change in the ME. When it all crumbles around them - as it is doing now - they will claim that Bush just didn't follow through with enough belief in the righteousness of their ideology. They will soon be out of power - either due to elections or nuclear disaster - leaving the grownups to clean up the mess if any of us are still alive.

Margi's psalm: Goddess bless the true-believers - as they will create the tons of shit that the rest of us will have to shovel.
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