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Default Vegas hypnotist -is this for real?

Newbie here looking for answers. My In-laws recently attended an "adults only" hypnotist show in Las Vegas. The hypnotist selected audience members to be hypnotized. I"m sure you all know the drill here. The selected individuals did all sorts of sexual (or inferd sexual acts) from masterbating a Teddy Bear to having an orgasm when another sneezes. My question here is are these acts real? I find it highly unlikely that a hypnotist could randomly select a group people everyday that can be hypnotized AND perform such acts. My rational thinking says these are likely actors and it is all in fun. ( I find it to be rather embarassing and certainly not something I would care to see) I would like to hear the opinions of the Drs. in this field- Do you find this type act degrades your profession? Is it ethical? Is it a form of abuse if these people were not in full control of their capacities? I would think in this day of lawsuit happy lawyers a participant could easily sue a hypnotist for "suggesting" this type of behavior. I know in the scheme of things this is really no big deal. But it really bothered me. Esp. that my In laws where so convinced that it was real. So, I ask the question- is it "real" or are these actors. Thanks for any input -Russ
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