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Default Re: Frustration With Psychological Community

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your reply. My wife and I have confirmed that her NES is truly from sexual abuse. We are well aware of all the other causes of NES and have excluded them. And we have identified it as Conversion Disorder with Seizures DSM-4. I don't know how you come to the conculsion that my wife and I are "focused on other to take care of the problem" as I never stated any such thing in my original post. My wife has been to psychotherapists and received poor care from several and excellent care from one. It was very helpful but my wife knows that self-work from now on is the bedrock of healing. She is doing extensive work with the trauma. Your comment that "Therapists and psychologists don't have advice or answers" is curious. They do indeed have advice on how to best deal with certain problems and they do indeed have answers to some basic psychological problems that their patients don't have. And your remark that "sometimes causes of a problem have nothing to do with the solution" is amazing. The "Cause" has everything to do with the solution. Ever heard of CBT, exposure therapy, etc? I'm not sure what your meaning is for such a statement is.

Again, nothing in my post indicates we're not taking charge of her recovery. We have always gotten better results when we have. My wife has had two therapists tell her she should be driving, even though she has seizures. My wife voluntarily gave up her license out of a strong sense of responsibility. She had one therapist who literally only let her talk for about 10 percent of the time during her sessions. One psychotherpist (her original one) almost never spoke and refussed to give her updates on her progress. But she collected over $2,000 dollars in fees for over a year while saying nothing. When my wife confronted her about this she was criticized openly.

What I am frustrated with is the lack of substantial research and acknowledgement of the issue of sexual abuse as a cause of NES. I spoke to Curt LaFrance recently, who is a leading researcher in the field of NES and he confirmed to me that sexual abuse, which he acknowledges is a major cause of NES, is NOT talked about enough in the med/psych communities and has written a wonderful article on this which apppears on

With respect, I have spoken to many of the top researchers and they all agree that not nearly enough is being done and also the the psych community is not doing enough. Psychotherpists like yourself need to understand that there is room for improvement always, and that acknowledgment of promblems created by the professionals in this field doesn't mean that they are not of imense value. My hero's are Scott Peck and John Bradshaw. But there is a problem that needs to be addressed. And it won't be addressed by denial or pointing fingers at patients who shouldn't have to be frustrated in the first place.

My post was meant to be constructive, not to attack. But I'm not going to pretend either.

Take care,

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