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Default Re: Frustration With Psychological Community

I don't think the psychological community has been ignoring your requests, though it may feel like it when you are desperate for answers. There are many variables to what may be causing your wife's NES. True, sexual abuse or trauma can trigger it. But, there are many people who have been abused and do not develop NES or other trauma. Likewise, many people who have NES may not have been sexually abused. There may be a correlation, but that does not mean causation. Even the best medications for the most researched mental disorders are not 100% curative. Focusing energy on how your wife can function, vs. what causes it may be needed right now.

What you are describing sounds very much like a conversion disorder. There is no magic pill or therapy wand that will take it away. You and your wife must be invested in trying something new. Focusing on others to take care of the problem will not work. Therapists and psychologists don't have advice or answers. We help people in a PROCESS to find what helps them. Like I said above, so many variables are present that it is hard to distinguish a single causative factor. Shifting focus to what you and your wife can do, and what is in your power, may be very empowering and healing. You can be bitter and frustrated and be upset that others are not giving you the answer you want to hear. Or you can take charge of your own recovery and start exploring what may alleviate symptoms vs. what started them. Sometimes the cause(s) of a problem have nothing to do with the solution.
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