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Default Re: Frustration With Psychological Community

First of all, my wife has had seizures for 15 years. We were financially ruined with medical bills, I lost a job to care for her at home and her health has suffered a great deal. I'm tired of people ignoring the subject of sexual abuse and how it often causes NES. And I HAVE been doing something about it, for 15 years! I have been talking to neurologists, researchers and others who "supposedly" work in the field of treatment for psychological disorders yet don't seem to know about a subject that has been with us for 100+ years. You want to study cults? We have known about cults for thousands of years and have not addressed it. We need people like you to go for that research.

One thing though, you won't get very far with your insensitive attitude. If you really read my post you would understand that I am not "whining", but frustrated, and rightly so. I am hoping that people will learn that on the other end of all your "curiosities" there are real people suffering.

And by the way, NES affects more people than multiple sclerois. Does that warrant at least a little research?

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