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Default Re: Frustration With Psychological Community


There are many important topics within the field of psych that need attention - and has not yet gotten enough attention. We each go where our interests and propensity takes us.

In the long term I will have a strong interest in the topic of cults. It deserves a lot of attention and in my opinion hasnt gotten enough attention. Its a topic that influences thousands of people every day.

Other folks within the field has other priorities, interests etc. The fact that someone does not put my special interest at the top of their priority does not make this person a money grubbing, unethical person. It simply means we have different interests.

You must realize that psych is a young field and the professionals have not yet had enough time to research everything in detail. Obviously your topic does not affect enough people so that someone has had the interest to pay enough attention to it. Eventually it will happen. You can wait for that - or you can quit whining and attacking, and do something about it yourself!

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