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Default Frustration With Psychological Community

I am very frustrated with the lack of response I have received in regards to my requests for more information from psychiatric/psychological professionals, professional groups and organizations. I have emailed or called them (sometimes twice) for more information on Nonepileptic Seizures, from which my wife suffers. There is little research being done into this type of seizures because it brings up the spector of sexual abuse of children (a leading cause of NES) and it has been reported that researchers often don't want to deal with this subject. It is important to note that NES are treated as a "psychological" problem and not through neurologists. But the psychological community seems to have little to say.

I have requested and received no replies from the following:


Searches on their web sites shows how little (if anything) they have in the way of acknowledging these seizures and their horrible effects. Even when it comes to the current definition in DSM, Conversion Disorder With Seizures, there is little to nothing.

There is actually more reseach being done by those who study Epilepsy, notably the work of Orin Devinsky, Tim Betts, Curt LaFrance and others.

Why is it that those who should have extensive research and background in Nonepileptic Seizures seem to have so little. Is it the sexual abuse cause (in most cases) the problem? More needs to be done.

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