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Default Here is the clincher

Speaking of Law and Ethics...
You hear all the time about convicts that are released from prison or from Death Row because new evidence has come to light that exonerates them. So lawyers and judges and politicians have the courage to admit when they're wrong. But psychotherapists are just the opposite. You never hear about shrinks exonerating a person who was wrongfully diagnosed, villified and blackballed without foundation or substantiation. No, you never ever hear of that occuring. Shrinks know that their's is not an exact science, but they go ahead and condemn people for life anyway, never ONCE reversing a call... never ever having the courage to admit when they're wrong.

So I dare the American Psychiatric Association to fund the study that I've proposed herein; a study that would lay to rest ONCE AND FOR ALL any question of the uniform validity of psychiatric diagnosis. Do I see someone trembling in his boots, hmmm??
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