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Default Genetic Determinism Refuted: Pt 2

I once had a cat, Fred, that fetched bottle caps whenever I threw them. He had no models, I gave him no lectures. I now realize that I channeled to him when I dreamed about his mother.

Social learning, that subtle deceiver, finds many devious routes around genes.

Camazine and friends tell of termites: each termite copies the next termite. Each of them, in turn, picks up sand, mixes it with shit, and drops their lump next to the prior termite's lump. In three decades, a palace stands where there was once lone and level desert plains.

Our Indeterminist, thus challenged, substituted a bee for every other termite and told them to copy each other. They did so. She then replaced every third termite with a hen. Termite palaces now require three years instead of thirty. (Jimmy Carter made inquiries through a sigmoidoscope after he convinced the med tech of a need for a two-way microphone.)

Next: women think like men whenever they get paid more...
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