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Default Re: Damasios: Professors of Creativity

JB: Your post seems to saying that I claimed first knowledge. My full statement was ,
It was reading Descarte's Error for the first time about three years ago that I first started wondering about the possibility that emotions were the directing force in our minds - and intellect a newly evolved resource that ocassionally gets called upon in decision-making.
But aside from that, I am pleased that you believe that Pinker posed this possibility already.

I have not found it yet in his writings or in Robert Wright's interview of him. I am on Chapter 14 of Blank Slate. I skimmed through How the Mind Works but found no chapter headings or anything that seems headed in that direction. Do you have a cite?

It would be very cool if, as you say, Pinker had this same insight.

BTW - I am enjoying The Blank Slate immensely. Thanks for recommending it. I am finding some things in Chapters 11 thru 14 that I don't feel completely comfortable with. But I need to re-read those chapters carefully before I'd be ready to say that I agreed or disagreed.

You said,
...but the limbic system is NOT our elevator's ground floor.
That's the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Why are you so sure about that? What have I missed?


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