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Default Group Ethics Statement

This is my first visit and first post. As a class project for Group Dynamics, we must fully develop a Group Plan, with all supporting documents. One of the example documents was a "Group Ethics Statement" (along with informed consent, confidentiality, etc.) I'm not sure I understand what this is, and in trying to search for an example, I stumbled upon this site.

The group plan I am developing is a service project for high-risk teens that involves social contact with a local senior center, which will culminate in providing volunteer staff support for the local Senior Olympics. I am using Adler as a theoretical base and have created Permission to participate forms, media release forms, and a sample discussion agreement, noting that the group members will have to develop one together once the group begins.
However, I don't understand exactly what a group ethics statement would entail. Can anyone give me a description of such, or direct me to an example?

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