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Lightbulb Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

Wonderful to hear from you again Rita. My ISP was down for over two weeks and other problems have intervened so I have not been as active (a wonderful new puppy ... Belgian Tervuran Shepherd ). If I were pressed to the wall and asked to make only a single intervention in the world, or if I were asked what single thing I could do to help any individual and therefore mankind, it would be to encourage my social interest and demonstrate to others how wonderful this is so that by my example they could se that this can be done and is not a hardship. That is the utter magic of Adler. He sees each of us in the community of mankind and would encourage all of us to contribute our fair share from the perspective of our personal uniquness. Should we all do that, many societal and interpersonal problems are gone and the world would move in a direction toward which it has never yet moved. Egocentricity with its toll of terrible damage would vanish like the early morning mist, and peace and compassion would spread like the wonderful pink warmth of the rising sun!!!
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