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Arrow Breitbart's ADD

Andrew Breitbart runs a news column and five specialty sites … he’s conservative, he’s surprising, and he can rant in print and kick ass in convention speeches.

GQ interviewer Lisa DePaolo explains in a great interview: “Andrew Breitbart has his own right-wing media kingdom, a gift for scandal (dismantling ACORN, steamrolling Shirley Sherrod, mentoring conservative prankster-slash-NPR-dismantler James O'Keefe), and this month a new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!

“You write about having ADD. Do you take anything for it?

“No. The Internet was the thing that focused me. It was not Ritalin.

“What does ADD feel like when you're at your computer?

“I've got maybe four or five instant messenger conversations going on at the same time. I've got about five or six tabs in Firefox going. I'm probably talking on my cell phone while I'm monitoring my Fantasy baseball team, knowing the pitch count of the Milwaukee Brewers/Cincinnati Reds game. There is no disappointment in my life greater than plugging in my computer and not seeing the wireless sign. I would rather be in steerage—in the middle seat—with wireless than in first class with the Air Singapore stewardess massaging my toes.

“Where would you be today if there was no Internet?

“Boy, that's the scariest thought in the world.”

The biggest secret of ADD is that we stay productive so long as we're angry. Our slogan is "It's got to be fun," "It's got to be moving," "If it's not fun and not moving, then make it mad." The trick is to use rage as a torch rather than an explosive...stay focused, plan your moves, make your mark, get even...
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