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Default Question Regarding Practical Magic

Mr. Lankton,

I hope that it is alright to ask ask you questions about NLP on this board given that some parts of NLP do not relate to Erickson's work.

In any case, I had a couple of questions regarding your book, Practical Magic.

1. When accessing resources for the collapsing anchors protocol, do you normally ask the client to find a place of safety and security or will other positive experiences, such as happy times or comfortable feelings, work just as well? The reason that I am bringing this issue up is that many of my clients seem to have difficulty accessing any feelings of safety and security given their negative experiences in childhood (this is the reason that they give in therapy). In fact, I have had more than one client say that they have never been safe. However, these clients were able to access happy times etc. Should I just utilize the positive experience that they have?

2. I have noticed that some people seem to not have access to the material behind their representational system. For instance, my friend's eyes often move horizontal right, but he is not aware of any auditory constructions (i.e. he is not consciously aware of hearing anything when I ask him about it). Can you explain why a person might not have access to this material?

Mr. Lankton, do you have any thoughts on this subject would be helpful.


Thanks for your patience.

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