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Talking Gulf Truth: Joe Barton

Mr. Barton, (R, TX) got in trouble for calling BO's "trust fund" a shakedown. Biden thought Barton "insensitive," but so did the GOP leadership. The GOP commanders still are plagued with "timidity" or what some call "white guilt" and ignore lessons from last year. Barton backed down. The NY Times blames Barton's links to big oil for his statement. It might also be accurate. Gossip is that BO needs money for teacher pensions, BP will pay their $20 billion pledge with skipped pension contributions to Brit retirees but through a two year's window. BO of course got collateral. As for the mix of moral indignation vs. contrition from BP, remember this is a European company managed by libs who pass blame, ignore rules except the ones that get them out of trouble, apologize, pay contrition, and abandon their shareholders. The hearing and our investigations are instant replays of scripts written by peasants and landholders in medieval Europe or in a modern confessional…

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