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Default Obliterating Experiences

I witnessed an Experiment in Hypnosis done for a Dental Society. In the Experiment, the word "Headache" was obliterated for a 27-year severe Migraine case. The procedure took about 10 minutes, after which, instantly, the Headache was interrupted.
In the next 3 days, the patient would try to convey the feeling he has in his head, but failing to do so on the grounds that he does "Not have the words to describe it." And, due to that, he would fall into long hours of silence...
Yet, at other times he would forget all the recent memories... for several other extended hours...
I tried looking up Erickson's work for any explanations, and found a frail mention in one of Dr. Rossi's books, that Erickson explained "how the brain obliterates" a memory... but he never mentioned what Erickson said in that regard...
My question is, is there any similar work by Dr. Erickson?
An, How can I get what Dr. Erickson said about Memory Obliteration?
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