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Question Avoidant PD

Hi all,
I have been working with an Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) client (55 y.o.) for some time now. She has made gradual progress and has enrolled in a course at a local educational instution - a big step given the high level of social anxiety she experiences and will confront each time she attends the school.

I'm interested in people's experience of working with AvPD, time it takes to start observing noticable changes, and strategies that have proved useful. I believe I read somewhere that progress is typically quite slow.

Also, this client and another client with strong AvPD traits find it very difficult to close their eyes and keep them closed for relaxation sessions. Is this a feature particular to this group of clients? The client mentioned above feels she has to sit with her back to a wall and states she feels out of control if her eyes are closed; she needs to know what is going on. This also makes getting to sleep difficult at night.

So, i'm also interested thoughts and suggestions on this topic as well.

Many thanks,
James D
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