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Default Re: What exactly is Christian Counseling

Originally Posted by William Reid
Ah, Da Friendly is still around. Good.

Just a quick observation (and maybe I'm being picky): Neither of the last two posters consistently capitalized "Bible" or "Christian." Given that proper grammar demands capitalization, and respect for others' beliefs suggests the same, is there some reason, or was it just an oversight? I must admit that I purposely avoid capitalizing "scientology."

A nosh is a snack, sk8rgrl. One out of two ain't bad.
Yeah, that's a bit picky. I don't capitalize religious terms regardless of faith tradition. I don't do so to slight anyone, it's just that to me, a non-believer for the most part, it would feel to me as if I cared more about the terms and what they represent than I actually do. However, I might feel differently if I was a member of the religion in question.

BTW, is anyone here aware of the fact that "dianetics counselor" either is or was previously indexed in the US DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles) as if it were a legitimate occupation? (John Revolta please forgive me! ) Among the essential skills is listed activities such as "use of an E-Meter", etc. I had this come up in a VALPAR assessment I once interpreted for a client. This is one of among many reasons I now refuse to employ VALPAR as a vocational evaluation strategy. I can't in good conscience use a device that would suggest that cult membership would be a GOOD THING for any of my clients.


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