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TomJ: I hope others read your previous posts before they bother responding to you...
Yeah, me too. And if they actually took a moment to comprehend my generally succinct explanations, and also assess the not uncommon emotionality and lack of rigor & honesty in those that often argue against me, then that’d be Nirvana. Lizzie and Carey are two great examples—thank you for mentioning them.

You whined somewhere that I was “calling” you a “stupid liar.” I never did of course, and for the record, I doubt you truly are a “liar.” But it does seem that you’re too emotional, and/or you have other issues, for you to honestly assess some of your own arguments here.

Nevertheless, it remains astounding to me that you don’t see, or refuse to acknowledge, the obvious implications of your belief in (a blind/indifferent) determinism and lack of human free will.
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